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   Policy of transportation
   Our transportation management is operated with national standards. We do focus on human development for the best of efficacy                          in services and safety that customer’s fascination is the key with business policy in term of “service for fascination”,  and then                            it is under the principle of “fast, safety, and honesty”. 

  Focus on safety
  Safety is a key transportation services. Thus, one important strategy is the high safety standard like a safety first in all processes with               standard transport process by staffs who have knowledge and experience in transportation.

  In addition, good qualified staffs are another one component for safety service because drivers are responsible for all until the end of process.     Hence, particular drivers have been trained and assayed before working.

  Fast and on time
  Fast and on time services are second most important factor. Our company concentrate on service delivery operating daily on scheduled             transport.Company has provided checking the vehicles before leaving to prevent a breakdown or an accident.

  Company’s vehicles have been equipped with GPS and mobile that directly contact with office for any operation or emergency.                                                                                                           Besides, driver has to be fully provide fast and on time services.

  Asset management
  The key asset for transportation service is vehicles.
  Goods transported to customers have to be sealed at Excise Department and verified
  by Custom and Excise Department until goods are delivered to customers.

  Therefore, company has provided the maintenance of semi-trailer trucks systematically.  
  The strategy of maintenance period is developed to make semi-trailer trucks perfect all the time.

  Good image
  Maintaining a company image is a vital to our business. We keep our vehicles in the good  
  conditions at all time. Also, our customers trust us on our promise to provide reliable,
  reasonable, responsible and respectful services.