Energy Product

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Synergy Holding Group Co., Ltd. has selected the various quality goods to supply to customers.

• Fuel for export, we are Thaioil Public Co., Ltd.’s agency which is the biggest of the oil refinery in Thailand officially.

Gasoline fuel is used in Petrol engine and motorbikes pervasively. Thaioil is a first oil refinery which can produce gasoline with EURO4 standard by modified characteristic and quality decreasing emission of sulfur oxide (Sox), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxide (NOx) with sulfur content from 500 ppm to less
than 50 ppm. Addition reduction of benzene content (cause of cancer) is carried out as well.

Diesel / Gas Oil
Diesel fuel is used in Diesel engine such as truck, tractor, boat, fishing boat, train, and industry. Thaioil Refinery is first of producer and contributor of diesel fuel with EURO4 standard which sulfur ratio in fuel is lower than 7 times of standard. That has reduced emission of sulfur oxide (Sox), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxide (NOx), and also particles, exhaust fume to Atmospheric, and diesel engine is smooth operation as well.

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