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Synergy Holding Group Co., Ltd.

 Synergy Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established on 10th September 1990 under the name of Synergy Marketing Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of ฿10 million in authorized capital. Initially, the       business is the agency of plastic sheet for use in various industries such as the sheets of ABS, PP, PE, PET, Polyurethane (P.U.) insulation and so on including chemical substrates for raw material     in production process in addition to represent the Cans Film (food preservation film) of Shikoku-Kakoh Co., Ltd. and Stretch Film (for pallet) of MMP Corporation Co., Ltd.

 Synergy Holding Group has expanded business lines into natural fuel. The company has been officially appointed by Thai Oil Company Limited (Thailand) as an fuel distributor for export since           2010. Then the oil business has been continuously developed.  Synergy Marketing Co., Ltd. later has changed its name to Synergy Holding Group Co., Ltd. in 2012 and raised registered capital to     ฿20 million. Moreover, three new affiliates have been founded, namely Synergy Petroleum for a local fuel distributor, Synergy Transport for fuel transport in both domestic and indo-china countries,       and Synergy Green Power for production and distribution of briquette biomass (Bio Mass Pellet).

 Furthermore, company has significantly put emphasis on developing environmental-friendly fuel due to global warming.  At present, palm shells have been imported from Indonesia to replace coal           usage in the country. And our affiliates have focus on management quality and creative morality for society.

 Board of Directors

   1. Mr.Chatchaval     Jiaravanon         4. Mr. Chaval           Jiaravanon

   2. Mrs.Kwanjai        Jiaravanon          5. Mr. Visit               Rakvisitwong 

   3. Ms. Chayuda      Jiaravanon           6. Mr. Weerapun     Vorapan